Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bossypants - Tina Fey

Please post your thoughts on our July book:  Bossypants - Tina Fey


  1. First and foremost, is this like a bookclub?!?! I'm in!
    You're gonna think I'm sick; I "Twitter searched," or whatever, "Bossypants" and saw your Tweet, that's why I'm here.
    Anyway, I will comment now.

    I LOVED Bossypants! As a within-my-circle-of-friends-renowned Tina Fey/ 30 Rock super-enthusiast, this book gave me a whole new incite to the process and dedication 30 Rock entails. I feel like I'm a part of that process and all of the writers' super elite inside jokes. Oh, and obviously, I got to highlight my crazy by bursting out in hysteria in public while, and here's the kicker, reading it on my hammydown (hand me down?) eBook.
    It was totally well written and comprehensive which is a testament to the great Mrs. Fay!
    Thank you Tina! As always, you make my life a whole lot easier to tolerate.
    And I'm glad you figured out what to do about that whole second baby predicament. I'm glad you decided to keep Penolope Athena.. it seemed like you were alluding to maybe selling her on the black market. You made the right choice.

    You guys think Tina's going to read this? Yeah, probably.

  2. Welcome Tay! We're a bunch of tweeps who like to read and tweet.

    I loved this book. Such a great lighthearted and laugh-out-loud read! Reading this book felt like I was just sitting down and listening to Tina tell me about her life over a cup of coffee.

    Definitely something I'd recommend to friends. It's one of those books you are glad one friend bought so all of you can read it.

  3. For shame that I haven't posted my own thoughts! Welcome to Tay as well :)

    I am so happy to have picked this book up and read it; I loved it! Tina has a way of writing that it makes you feel like you're just having a converstaion with her about her life. As Katie said 'live over a cup of coffee'.

    It was really interesting to learn about some of the behind the scenes from both SNL and 30 Rock. She is the type of person you'd love to have as a friend but don't need to know every detail about her so I appreciated that she didn't spell everything out for us but just gave us a glimpse of her life.

    I would definitely suggest this book to others. I know some who probably wouldn't appreciate her humour but I know most would!