Friday, December 10, 2010

Twreaders Unite!

Ok folks, we all know we like to read and tweet so we're joining the two together and starting our own Twitter Book be complimented with this blog so we can expand our thoughts past 140 characters :)  When we're voting on which book to read I'll also use this blog to post a description on the book so you know what you're getting into ;)

Our first order of business will be to pick a book and set a date for when we must have it completed by. Then we can share our thoughts on twitter with the hashtag #twreaders and we can also come on here to post lengthier comments on the book.

Feel free to invite anyone you want, I've made the blog open to accept comments for anyone - not just members.

Please pass along your suggestions to improve the site (I put this together in 5 spare minutes so it's rough!) and as well your suggestions for our 1st book!