Monday, December 13, 2010

Let's Vote!

Ok fellow Twreaders, here's the book selections with a link to their description. Please vote by Friday, December 17th, and we'll go with the most popular selection.

The Warmth of Other Suns - Isabel Wilkerson:
Skippy Dies: A Novel - Paul Murray:
Sentimentalist - Stavros Stavros:
"Sandcastles" by Luanne Rice:
Once Bitten - Trina Lee:


  1. Ok well.. my vote is actually a tie vote.. sorry.. Ive been wanting to read Trina's book for a long time now although "Skippy Dies" Sounds great too..

    Probably not helping.. LOL

  2. I pick Skippy Dies too. I want to read one of Trina's novels too..but not sure yet where I would find it. I don't have an e-reader so need to find myself a hard copy :)

  3. Never mind my previous comment! I see it's available on as per your link. Duh!
    1st pick would still be Skippy Dies & then read Once Bitten for next time!

    Okay, I got excited. sorry :)

  5. I like Skippy dies as well.

  6. I vote for either "Skippy Dies" or "The Sentimentalist"

    Thanks :-)

  7. This is from Trina:

    "My Huntress series is in print. Right now it's only in the Spruce Grove Coles but can be ordered from Amazon"

  8. Hmmm, since so many people voted for 2 books I'll probably do it on a point system where I'll give 2 points for the 1st book you selected and 1 point for the 2nd book you selected.
    Still a few more days to vote if there's anyone else out there who wants to join in!

  9. I'll vote for Skippy Dies as well. (This new little bookclub is exciting!! Yay!)

  10. Ok Ladies, I counted up the votes - 2 points for people's 1st selection and 1 point for the second selection. Skippy Dies got the most points.

    I looked it up in Chapters and found that there's limited copies in the city, there's a few at Northtowne, South Edmonton Common, Whyte Ave, etc. The book can't be ordered through Chapters online unless you buy it used in which case there's 15 available. At there's new copies but they broke the book into 3 smaller books instead of 1 big one so it's a boxed set.

    I also looked and it's available at several Edmonton Public Libraries - all copies are spoken for until between December 20th - Jan 5th so you'd have to get your name on the wait list now.

    Hope that helps you all out. To make our next selection easier do you want to say February's book is Once Bitten or do you want to do the suggestion/voting selection again later in January??

  11. I vote for Once Bitten in Feb. It will make it easier & give us time to pick up a copy. I think we all agree it is a top pick! Happy reading :) I hope my Skippy Dies arrives. If it does, I'll be happy to lend it out after I've read it.

  12. The only problem with selecting Once Bitten is that none of Trina Lee's books seem to be available in any Chapters, on Chapters online or Is it considered too risque?

  13. Trina's book is erotica. I don't have an issue with it but I'm totally okay if we chose another book. I actually started reading Skippy Dies already.