Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Game of Thrones

Sooo, time to post your thoughts on Game Of Thrones!


  1. I realize that this discussion is for "A Game of Thrones" and not the series but I love the whole darn thing. I've always been drawn to novels that have multiple characters that we get to know over time.

    I found myself becoming quite attached to some of these characters and were shocked when they were killed or harmed. Still I think that's what keeps drawing me to the next novels because you just can't imagine what will happen next. I've never been much of a fantasy fiction reader but love the imagination of George R R Martin. My fav moments are sitting down in the evening with this series & a glass of wine.

  2. I'm a huge fan too. Every time I re-read the books I find I am able to put together another piece of the complex puzzle that is the Game of Thrones. I love that no character is safe. The narrative style, with each chapter told from the perspective of a single character, is captivating even when it's not one of my faves telling the story. As a pseudo-spoiler, I must admit that as I read the fourth book for the first time my favorite characters are starting to change.

    If you like this series I would recommend checking out Dreamsongs - a two volume collection of his short stories. It is neat because it shows his development as a writer and his exploration of various genres of literature. He has written some pretty cool sci-fi stuff!

  3. I'm going to be lame and repost something I just wrote on FB as our most of our FB book club just read this book as well and we had a discussion on it:\

    Love. Love. Love this series. Probably one of my top picks for a series.

    My favs are Tyrion, Arya and Jon (because he has so many cool adventures!). I actually have to say I find Daenerys to be my least favourite. I think it's because her story is so different that I find it stops the flow of the book whenever her story resumes.

    There are so many great lines in this book. George R. R. Martin is a great writer and he just throws in enough twists and turns to keep it all interesting but he also keeps you VESTED in the characters and the story itself.

    i've now read the first 3 books and so far have to say #3 is by far my favourite. Can't wait to read 4 and 5!

  4. I know that Games of Thrones was the Tweader Reading for about 749 months ago, but I am reading Book Two (read a couple other quick reads between Book One and Two). Loving the series. That "medieval" sort of genre definitely isn't usually my preferred type of story, but I am so invested in these characters that I can't wait to continue. Have the four-book set on my Kobo! And now I hear that Book Three is a good one. Gonna go read some more...... :)